Introducing WIIS Words

Welcome to WIIS Words, a new blog published by Women in International Security (WIIS, pronounced ‘wise’) Austria. WIIS Words showcases the exceptional work being done by women working in Austria’s international security community. The blog does not focus narrowly on what might be termed ‘women’s issues’. Rather, WIIS Words is a platform for debate and analysis on a wide variety of international security topics. These topics include everything from nuclear non-proliferation and arms control to international development and global warming.
On October 21st, WIIS Words will be launching with a fortnightly series of articles titled Faces of International Security. This series showcases women professionals working in international security through a collection of short interviews. Faces of International Security is a concrete example of what our organization is all about: promoting the contributions of women to international security. Faces of International Security does not aim to present academic research. Rather each interview is intended as lighthearted introduction to the featured professional. As such, the interview questions are designed to be fun and entertaining while also remaining relevant to the professional’s career.
Over the coming months, the WIIS Words team will continue to expand the blog and its offerings.
Stay tuned!
Margot Dubertrand and Noah Gibbs, Co-Editors-in-Chief

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