5th March Pub Quiz for International Women’s Day

**Quiz will take place between 7pm to ~8.30pm**

8 March is International Women’s Day and Women in International Security Austria would like to celebrate it with you in advance!

Come join us for a fun evening celebrating the remarkable achievements of women who made their mark in history at Café Kreuzberg!

Do you know which country first allowed women to vote? Where the first female Tour de France participant came from? How much the world’s wealthiest woman earns? This pub quiz will show how much you really know about women!

Teams: Set up a creatively named team with your friends or colleagues and join us after working hours. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team, we’ll pair you with other great minds! Teams should be 3 to 4 people.

If you’re exceedingly good, we’ll award the talent with a prize – so come sharp and ready! First prize will be a copy of an extraordinary book which will be announced soon!

When: 5th March, 6.30 -10 pm 
Where: Café Kreuzberg, Neustiftgasse 103, 1070 Vienna 

Entrance Fee: For WIIS Austria members the quiz will be free. From non-members we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution towards our upcoming conference “Less Arms, More Peace: Vienna Conference on Women, Peace and Security & the Future of Disarmament!

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