10 YouTube Channels you should subscribe to right now

by Emma Ethell

YouTube can be a source for the modern man or woman to stay informed and involved with world news, an online community and fascinating information. However, it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to find a regular stream of quality information, because YouTube acts as the internet’s dumping ground for both excellent and questionable content. Yours truly has done the job for you, and sifted through the garbage to find the gold. Below is a collection of channels for those who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of politics, international relations, history and general knowledge – each presented in a concise, clever, visually attractive and informative manner.

TLDR News (EU/US) is a channel in any politics or international students’ list of secret weapons. With an insightful view on British politics on their main channel, peek into the houses of parliament and the intricacies of No.10 Downing Street, pleasantly accompanied by cute graphics and countries with legs. 

Biographics is a great channel for those looking to expand their general knowledge, or interested in a specific figure’s lifetime. Slightly longer videos perfectly accompany your study break or lunchtime, highly recommend the episode on Catherine the Great!

Caspian Report provides intricate analysis of certain countries, concepts and opinions in international relations. Their 10-15 minute videos lend the viewer insight into global politics, and regional disputes. Some highlights include an analysis on the future of the ocean economy and the rise of Pakistan. 

LastWeekTonight is a popular US late night chat show presented by John Oliver. The 20 minute episodes are funny, political and cover some fascinating topics in a superb perspective, though not unbiased. 

The Foreign Policy Association and Council on Foreign Relations are two channels we’ve grouped together because they provide very similar coverage of debates among keynote speakers on a variety of topics, issues and opinions. The hour-long discussions are equally useful for students, or those simply looking to gain some insight on a particular subject. 

Kurzgesagt is perhaps the most popular channel on this list, as it is supported by ZDF. The 15 minute videos are popular with all age groups, cover just about any topic or problem with some superb animation and production. 

Wendover Productions provide 10-15 minute videos on specific topics related to security, foreign relations and fun, interesting topics, such as ‘China’s Geography Problem’ and ‘How Aircraft Carriers Work.’

Half as Interesting is the sister-channel to Wendover Productions. Their 5-7 minute videos range across a random collection of moments in history and topics, great for a short study/work break, or for the pub quiz pros!

Feature History is one for the history nerds, with 15 minute videos on particular episodes of history like the Spanish Flu, the Great Turkish War or the Opium Wars – perfect with your morning coffee!

Do you like our picks? Any channels you miss in our list?

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