Statement on the Crisis in Afghanistan

We join the WIIS Community and other Civil Societies in their grave concerns about the human rights situation in Afghanistan, especially of women and children.
Once having been at the forefront of the Peace process urging for women’s rights, their lives are at imminent risk.

As civil society organizations, experts, and networks whose members work directly in Afghanistan or with partners in Afghanistan, we have developed close relationships with Afghan women’s networks, activists, and peace negotiators who have played visible, meaningful roles both in partnership with and on behalf of the Austrian government.

As a direct result of this engagement, these Afghan women leaders, activists, and negotiators are now in high and imminent risk of being deprived of their human rights – or even being killed.

We urge the EU, its member states and the Austrian government

  1. to ensure safe and legal routes to safety for vulnerable people facing imminent danger, particularly women, women’s rights activists and their dependents;
  2. to cease deportations and resettlements of Afghans in Austria and reconsider all refused asylum claims and
  3. to prioritise the rights and needs of Afghan women and girls in any action taken in response to the situation in Afghanistan in line with obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

Please also note the following statements
WIIS Global:
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