Fall Events 2021


Fireside Chat
The impossible will take a little while – Staying Motivated in Trying Times

This talk will explore ways on how to continue pushing for change and staying positive in our field during times when crisis, populistic governments, human rights violations and terror attacks dominate the news cycle and our work. Together with a human rights expert and a workplace psychologist/coach we will explore what the challenges are, what strategies we can find to deal with them and how we can continue pushing for change.

As usual, this event will take place in an informal setting, giving you the chance to get to know the WIIS community after thsi age-long lockdown and make some connections in a chilled setting with a glas of wine in your hand!

Date and Location to be announced!


Das Jahr Danach: Was passierte im Jahr nach dem Terroranschlag in Wien

Am 2. November 2020 erschütterte der erste Terroranschlag in Jahrzehnten Wien. Gemeinsam mit Extremismusexpert:innen und Zivilgesellschaft möchten wir an diesem Abend darüber sprechen, was der Anschlag mit unserer Gesellschaft gemacht hat, wie unsere Politik darauf reagiert hat, wie es betroffenen Communities geht und wie sich die Deradikalisierungsarbeit verändert hat.

Wie immer wird diese Veranstaltung in einem informellen Setting statt finden, damit du dich mit einem Wein in der Hand, ganz gemütlich mit der WIIS Community austauschen kannst.

Zeit und Ort to be announced!

WIIS Workshop

No matter if you are a WIIS veteran or interested in looking behind the scenes of WIIS, this workshop will give insights into event planning, membership management and social media marketing!
In this workshop we will be looking at goals for the coming half year so its a greatchance to find out if you want to join the organising team behind WIIS Austria!

Date and Location to be announced!

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