WIIS Austria is hosting its first conference in Vienna, cooperating with the International Institute for Peace and the Austrian Institute for International Affairs.

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When: October 22, 1pm – 8pm
Where: Online via Zoom – The link will be sent out prior to the event!

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The conference will be focussing on the intersections of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation issues, bridging these seemingly unconnected issues.

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There are two main problems. Number One is that while this year, UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) will celebrate its 20th anniversary and a gender-approach to disarmament falls within the four pillars of the WPS agenda, disarmament is not explicitly mentioned in Resolution 1325 – except in the limited context of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR).
Number Two is the opposite problem – a gendered approach is missing from most disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation frameworks.

As the world prepares for debates on WPS and the NPT, it is pivotal to reflect on  substantive ways to improve coherence and co-ordination among seemingly unconnected, international frameworks in the field of peace and security. To do this, this  conference will first address future challenges in disarmament and nuclear non-oroliferation, ask where WPS and disarmament converge, how to address these future challenges in disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation with gendered approaches and what impact feminist policy making can have in these fields.

The conference will be a unique platform for learning, sharing experiences and interacting with experts, researchers and young professionals. While there will be classic
formats of debates such as a key note and a panel discussion, the heart piece of the conference will be interactive workshops, offering participants a way to truly contribute to creating the path forward in the field of WPS and disarmament. Participants will be ble to delve into a specific topic or alternatively learn how to transform their ideas into policy.

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