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What you can expect

The goal of “Encouraging Excellencies” is connecting young women with professionals in Vienna to offer guidance in career related matters and encourage them to enter a career in international politics.

Through remote counseling (through video conferences) you will be receiving career advice (such as support with your CV or interview training), helping you build a professional network and gaining relevant insight into international politics.

On top of that, there will be regular online meet-ups with the other mentees and the WIIS Austria Team where you will meet inspiring young women in the field, exchange ideas and develop your own projects. 

The period of mentoring will be at least one year but may be extended up to three years, based on individual requirements.


  • Women aged 17 to 25 from Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan or Serbia (other nationalities may be considered)
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate degree related to international politics (political science, law, sociology, languages, economics, etc…) or proven interest in international politics
  • Good English proficiency beneficial, other languages will be considered

Information we need from you

  1. CV including: Nationality, Language Skills, Career, University
  2. Cover Letter (one to two pages)

This should include:

  • Your motivation for joining “Encouraging Excellencies” and for striving for a career in international politics
  • What are you looking for in a mentor? What goals are you hoping to achieve?
  • Challenges or obstacles you have encountered up to date relating to university or your career and how you overcame these
  1. Match-Making

We are trying to make great matches and for this purpose we are not just looking at your prior achievements and future goals but also trying to assess who you are as a person. For this reason, please answer the following questions (short paragraphs!).

  • If you could choose anybody to have dinner with, who would it be and why?
  • What do you value in a friendship?
  • Do you have any unusual hobbies?

Application Process

  1. The application period will start in April 2021 and end on 31 May 2021
  2. Send all the above-mentioned material to – Subject: Mentoring 2021 + “Your Name”
  3. WIIS Austria may contact you for further information or a pre-interview. The team selects suitable candidates and forwards them to the mentors.
  4. Mentors make the final pick
  5. Mentoring will start in June 2021
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