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What you can expect

The goal of “Encouraging Excellencies” is connecting young women with diplomats in Vienna to offer guidance in career related matters and encourage them to enter a career in international politics.

Through remote counselling (through video conferences) you will be giving career advice (such as support with CVs or interview training), helping young women build a professional network and giving them relevant insight into international politics. Through this you have the opportunity of transferring skills and knowledge as well as increasing their awareness for current issues. You will be assisting your mentee to identify their individual needs and support their career development.



  • Diplomat
  • Willing to spend 2-4 hours/month on the programme
  • A genuine interest in the mentee’s growth and development
  • The period of mentoring can be between one to three years, depending on the mentee’s personal needs but is pre-determined in the beginning



After the young women have applied through their universities, we will be receiving their applications. The Encouraging Excellencies Board will then check these applications and assemble a pre-selection for you from which you will be able to choose your final candidate.

Mentoring will start in the Spring of 2019. Closer guidelines, suggestions on how to manage mentoring sessions and any other information will be forwarded to you but can also be downloaded here: mentor handbook .


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us at

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